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Goodnight Claire

This project started with a character and kind of bloated from there. I ended up writing a little story around the character as well, which felt really rewarding in the end. Very fun to sit and figure out a story at the same time as working on visuals :-)

Rendered with Blender 2.8's realtime viewport Eevee. Lens flare, grade, chromatic aberration and filmgrain was added in comp in Blender. The character was sculpted in Zbrush and textured with substance designer and painter. Everything else was done in Blender. Animation of the character was done procedurally using noise modifiers in the graph editor. Simulation of tounge and cables was also set up in blender.

I don't have much time for personal projects so this was a tough one to complete. Started around 20:th of August and finished on the 7:th of November. Worked a bit here and there after my wife and kids had gone to bed. Waited to post until I had a proper breakdown.

Goodnight Claire - Blender 2.8 development test

goodnight Claire - breakdown - Blender 2.8 development test

Procedural skin material made in substance designer

Procedural skin material made in substance designer